MobileFocus Global

VIRTUAL — March 24, 2021

MobileFocus Global is Pepcom's new products showcase for all things mobile: phones, tablets, laptops, cases, chargers, apps, wireless services, wi-fi tech, gadgets and much more. It's a virtual event with truly worldwide reach. To learn more, contact Jennifer Jones​.

Home Now!

VIRTUAL — Sept. 22, 2021

Home Now! is Pepcom’s new spotlight showcase that's all about products for a healthy, productive home. Like Pepcom's other showcases, it's a demo event, giving media and influencers a hands-on look at new home products. To learn more, contact Laura or Jennifer​.

Well Now!

VIRTUAL — April 28, 2021

Well Now! is Pepcom's health and wellness new products showcase. The event draws a focused audience of reporters and influencers to see the latest in well-tech, workout gear, fitness, apps, supplements, nutrition, sleep and healthy home ideas. To learn more, contact Laura Hunt.

Holiday Spectacular!

VIRTUAL — Nov. 10, 2021

Holiday Spectacular! is Pepcom's annual preview of the hottest new tech and consumer products for the upcoming holiday season. Like all Pepcom showcases, it’s a demo event, giving the media a hands-on look at your products. To learn more, contact Laura or Jennifer​.

Digital Experience!

VIRTUAL — June 23, 2021

The official kickoff to summer, Digital Experience! gives tech and consumer reporters a look at what's new in home, office, business, mobile and lifestyle technologies. To learn more, you can contact Laura Hunt or Jennifer Jones​.

Digital Experience!


Digital Experience! at CES is Pepcom’s annual media extravaganza, held the evening before the CES show opens. The 2022 edition marks a return a physical CES show in Las Vegas and the highly influential media audience that comes with it. To learn more, contact Laura or Jennifer​.