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Pepcom's Purpose...

Pepcom is the proven leader in media showcases. Our demo events consistently put the world's most influential media in front of the world's most innovative companies – with a healthy dash of good fun as we go. We like to say we party with a purpose. Because while other demo event companies take your exhibitor fee and put it in their pockets, we put it into our events! That means great food, creative cocktails, and some festive fun we help you make those crucial connections. In person...and now online too.


Pepcom was founded in 1998 – by journalists, for journalists. So our mission from Day One has been to foster productive relationships between the media and the companies they cover. And with our both our in-person and virtual events bringing together hundreds of media and dozens of companies, we aim to make those connections as efficiently as possible for everyone. No need for many days out of the office for press tours or trade shows. 

Pepcom's People...

A great company is made up of many things, but mainly it's a collection of talented individuals forming an even more talented team. At Pepcom, we're proud of our people and prouder still of the way they inform and enhance the Pepcom experience for all of the media and exhibitors that attend our events. It's a tribute to them and our many long-time vendors that so many attendees keep coming back to Pepcom events. 

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